island of shuna holiday lets, Scotland

Booking Terms and Conditions


A £100 per cottage, per week booking deposit must be sent when booking.

Once a deposit is paid you are responsible for the total balance unless a cancellation is accepted in writing. Cancellations less than six weeks before arrival date will result in you being invoiced for the full outstanding balance of your holiday. In any event deposits are not refundable in any circumstances.

Any damage caused to house cottages or contents, boats, engines or any other equipment, or livestock will be charged for at full repair, where possible, or replacement, if necessary, rates.

Payment of the balance of your holiday

You will be invoiced for the balance of your holiday on the morning of your departure; payment must be made in full on or by that day.

Your holiday balance is made up of the;

  • cottage balance (the total cottage cost minus your £100 per cottage, per week deposit), plus
  • £70 per cottage, per week for Calor gas, plus
  • however much boat fuel that you use during your holiday.
Calor gas heats the water and provides cooking and refrigeration. It is a set charge based on average use.

Boat fuel is charged at the pump price and we dip your tank on the morning of departure to write up your invoice accurately. We do not charge a set amount for the boat fuel because we feel this would be unfair as usage varies wildly with some guests using the boat all day every day and some only going out on one occasion, as their own desire and weather conditions permit.

You are welcome to pay for your holiday in one of two ways, either;

a) in total, by cash or cheque only on departure, if you wish to pay this way, please ensure that you have your chequebook or sufficient cash with you to clear your invoice on departure, or

b) the known charges (cottage and gas) two weeks before arrival by transfer, just leaving the boat fuel to clear in cash only on departure.

We are unable to accept any credit or debit card payments at all.

We cannot verify transfers made during your holiday stay, so if you wish to pay by transfer for the majority of your holiday, please do so two weeks before arrival and let us know so we can verify it and confirm it with you beforehand.

Please remember all balances, including damages, must be paid in full on or by departure.

All cheque payments should be made out to “The Gully Partnership LLP"

Other Information


We provide a full bedding set; a fitted sheet, pillows and cases and a duvet and cover in all cottages. We do not provide a to sheet but if you wish to bring your own top sheet, please do feel free to do.

We are not able to provide any towels at all, so please remember to bring sufficient towels (hand, bath, beach and dog if necessary) for your holiday.

We strongly suggest that you bring the full weeks groceries with you on arrival – this means you are not dependant on the weather allowing a crossing or your own boating to get further shopping, or having to spend a full day of your holiday in Oban getting provisions. There are small village shops adjoined to the pub in Craobh Haven Marina and in the nearby villages of Ardfern (to the south) and Kilmelford (to the north) however, it is not always possible to make the crossing.

It is also advisable to bring wellies with you for the launching of boats and taking full advantage of the walks.

You may bring your own boat if you wish, please let us know in advance if you would like to do so.

We provide a selection of canoes / kayaks for your use, on a first come first served basis.

Please note that weather conditions dictate boat availability – we reserve the right at all times to restrict or cancel boat availability, but such restriction will make no change to the letting price.

Your car can be left in our own private car park at Arduaine.

The island launch will collect you from Arduaine Pier on the day of your arrival and deliver you back there on the day of your departure. We provide directions to the village of Arduaine in the booking confirmation information that we send you when you send in your deposit and secure your booking. Please ensure that you enter the village name of Arduaine if you wish to use a Sat Nav, please do not enter ‘Shuna’ or a postcode (ours or the one you sent your deposit to) as these will take you to the wrong place and may mean that you miss your departure.

On booking, you will be sent the arrival and departure times as part of your booking confirmation information, when arriving you MUST be at Arduaine Pier on time on the day you arrive. Please ensure that you have unloaded your luggage onto the pier and parked in our private carpark, in time that you are ready to leave when the boat arrives. PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL otherwise you may keep others waiting.

All luggage is delivered to your house on arrival and collected again at the end of your holiday - except at Southend House where you will be required to carry your own luggage and provisions from the dropping off point to the house - this is approx 100 metres.

You must be ready to depart from the island pier by the times given in your booking confirmation information on the day of your departure. If you are bringing your own boat please allow plenty of time for launching so that it can be towed across if necessary.

Note that there is a landline telephone on the island for emergency use. But following the installation of new 4G mobile masts in Spring 2018, various mobile phone networks work quite well on many parts of the island, and for safety reasons when boating we strongly recommend you bring one with you.

There are mains charging points in every house. There is also an island laundry at the pier, which can be made available for an extra charge.


 "This place is just the best place for a great holiday! We have been three years in a row and will be back next year. Peace quiet rest and a fantastic pace of life." 

Yvonne Birks 

"Hi, yes it was absolutely stunning, enjoyed every moment! back now to normal life!!"

Lorraine Cruse



Paddling stealthily  

through silk seas 

we hold our breath 

as the otter surfaces. 


His log body floats across the waves 

head raised 

then with a flick  

he is gone 

long tail sliding into darker depths. 


Up again 

like a champagne cork 

bobbing and chomping 

on a luckless fish. 

We hear bones crunching. 


There’s snow in the air 

and the ridges are dusted 

like Christmas Stollen. 


A cloud the size of Scotland 

presses down on the heron’s languid flight 

and a rubber-headed seal 

pounces on a bouy 

a toy to play with in its loch-sized bath. 


Then hail hits the waves 

A pounding of diamonds 

Beautiful and sharp. 


Mica Schist captures the brilliance 

In its ripples 

Nature’s mirror ball 

Reflecting the rainbow’s fraying end. 


We float home 

with eiders whistling in our ears 

the urgent flock of redwings 

in the twinkling of our eyes 


our heads ablaze  

with birds and beasts and light. 


© Sally Brown