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Other Islands and the Correvreckan Whirlpool...

Without doubt one of the least known natural wonders in the UK must be the Correvreckan Whirlpool. It is the third largest whirlpool in the world, and is located in the tide race between the islands of Scarba and Jura, just a couple of miles from Shuna. At various times of each lunar cycle the sea erupts into huge vertical waves, up to twenty feet high. In addition to this there are the Grey Dogs, another narrow channel with strange tidal eddies and small whirlpools. Although these areas are strictly inaccessible to the Shuna boats, we are fortunate to have Farsain Cruises operating from nearby Craobh Haven. The skipper, Duncan Phillips, will collect you from Shuna and take you on a round trip visiting these amazing natural wonders, along with tours of the wildlife rich islands further out. His cruises usually last 3 hours, and are a very enjoyable afternoon out - very popular with many visitors to the island.

In the summer, with regular ferries and lots of daylight, trips to Mull, Iona and the other islands are easily possible - all these ferries run from Oban. On Mull you can see the now famous setting for "Balamory" , along with taking trips with the very well known Whale & Dolphin Trust to see large sea mammals in the Firth of Lorn. You can also visit the ancient Christian community on Iona from Mull, with its ancient Abbey founded by St Columba.

East Coast of Shuna Island


There is a small gift and coffee shop at nearby Craobh Haven, which you can easily visit in your boat, which is well worth a visit. Also at Craobh is a pub/restaurant, with another excellent restaurant nearby at the Loch Melfort Hotel. In Oban, approximately twenty miles to the North, there are all the usual stores you would expect in a large town - Tesco, WH Smith, Boots, Argos and a host of independent shops selling everything from outdoor clothing to hardware to cameras to gifts and everything in between.  Please note that Oban is the nearest place to Shuna for provisions.

 Other Attractions

Nearby at Arduaine there are the famous gardens, internationally renowned for their dazzling displays of Rhododendrons. Just a fifteen minute drive southward and you are in the Kilmartin Glen, scene of so much of Scotland's troubled history, and now equipped with an excellent museum and visitor facilities - there are standing stones, Pictish Fort and echoes of ancient times all around. In the opposite direction towards Oban there is the historic village and island of Easdale with a very good museum.

Fallow Deer Calves


 "This place is just the best place for a great holiday! We have been three years in a row and will be back next year. Peace quiet rest and a fantastic pace of life." 

Yvonne Birks 

"Hi, yes it was absolutely stunning, enjoyed every moment! back now to normal life!!"

Lorraine Cruse



Paddling stealthily  

through silk seas 

we hold our breath 

as the otter surfaces. 


His log body floats across the waves 

head raised 

then with a flick  

he is gone 

long tail sliding into darker depths. 


Up again 

like a champagne cork 

bobbing and chomping 

on a luckless fish. 

We hear bones crunching. 


There’s snow in the air 

and the ridges are dusted 

like Christmas Stollen. 


A cloud the size of Scotland 

presses down on the heron’s languid flight 

and a rubber-headed seal 

pounces on a bouy 

a toy to play with in its loch-sized bath. 


Then hail hits the waves 

A pounding of diamonds 

Beautiful and sharp. 


Mica Schist captures the brilliance 

In its ripples 

Nature’s mirror ball 

Reflecting the rainbow’s fraying end. 


We float home 

with eiders whistling in our ears 

the urgent flock of redwings 

in the twinkling of our eyes 


our heads ablaze  

with birds and beasts and light. 


© Sally Brown